The  Ukrainian physician and scientist Prof. Konstantin P. Buteyko (1923-2003) examined the individual breathing habits of his patients in connection with their complaints and their respective health status.

After years of research he described the way of a too low concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the alveolar air and hense negative effects on the oxygen supply of the cells and the entire metabolism – caused by “chronic hyperventilation” due to constant excessive breathing. Dr. Buteyko assumed that chronic stress, which is also associated with chronic hyperventilation, permanently shifts equilibrium of the respiratory centre.

Buteyko treated with his method patients with hypertension, after having healed his own symptoms successfully. Later he focused his research on chronic respiratory diseases.

People who use to breathe too deeply, learn to reduce their air volume to a normal amount by practising series of precisely defined breathing exercises.

Prof. Buteyko discovered that excessive breathing can cause a negative effect on the oxygen supply of the cells and the metabolism in the long term.
Based on this knowledge he developed a special breathing technique – for prevention and also treatment of civilization diseases. He described more than 150 health problems, such as hypertension, burnout, migraine, hearing loss, allergies.