Regina Holzinger

Buteyko Profil1Born and brought up in Frankfurt am Main. I grained my first practical medical experience as a qualified dental assistant there.

My special interest lie in nature, creation and creatures, above all human creatures. For many years I have been dealing with herbal medicine, homeopathy, psychology and the healing science according to Hildegard von Bingen. Her philosophy – that body and soul cannot be separated has also become my philosohy.

Health disorders can be due to mental crises, in many case already suffered in childhood. The resulting dietary habits can sooner or later lead to a variety of complaints. Likewise, a physical illness can influence the mental state.

Applying contemporary psychotherapy with its guidelines has to be integrated into therapeutic work. My therapeutic training focussed on Rogers’ therapy, homeopathic treatment and hypnotherapy.

Not to be ignored is breathing, the most important activity. It is an activity, which we carry out  involuntarily, whereby our body cells are supplied with oxygen.
Hecticness and stress impede this valuable work – often unconsciously.

However, the pysically and mentally condition can influence our respiratory patterns and vice versa.

I graduated from the pioneer in the German speaking world, Dr. Silvia Smolka,  in Braunschweig. I am a member of the work community of respiratory instructors and sponsors: Buteyko Deutschland.

This group would like to contribute with careful and serious work to the promotion and further public recognition of this valuable method. in many countries this method has already been supported for many years.