Chronic hyperventilation – a widespread phenomenon of which most people are unaware.

This may have serious consequences:
The biochemical balance in our body could be fundamentally disrupted.
The two important gases of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) could get out of balance. The result would be a lack of CO2, while the oxygen would bind too strongly to the blood and thus can only be delivered to the cells more difficultly. The acid-base ratio in the tissue changes and with it the entire metabolism. The musculature, including the bronchi and blood vessels, tense. This causes a need to breathe even more. A vicious circle arises and serious health problems can be the result.

The Buteyko breathing technique can help to improve the oxygen supply and restore the biochemical balance in the body. This relaxation is perceived as lighter breathing.
After a certain period of exercise the respiratory center can adapt itself to normal level.